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Profile Picture 2Owner Edeline Joseph-Theophile of Edeline SMC started operating in January 2016. Graduated from St. Petersburg College in December 2014 with a second A.S. Degree in Website Development and Management with knowledge, training and experience of Information Technology, Website Design Management, Digital Marketing, and Social Media. Edeline Joseph-Theophile received her 1st A.S. Degree in Information Technology from ATI Career Training Center – Fort Lauderdale in 2003. I have been in the customer service industry for over 12 years ranging from grocery, retail, bank check and card processing, and information technology fields. I have also adapted to technology changes throughout the years and continue to train as new trends occur.

When social media took the world by storm, I realized there was a need in various markets to increase online presence apart from having a website. However, there are not many social media experts in the field. As social media networking continues to grow, there are record number of people who have only limited basic knowledge in the social networking arena. How does it work? Who’s using it? How do I gain traffic to my business page? When do I post? What content do I need to post which will attract customers? These are the typical questions business owners ask when they are trying to use social media for their business.

Edeline SMC works with small to medium businesses and helps ease confusion of the inner workings of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, and other social networking sites. My pricing is affordable and low cost because of the flexibility to work virtually anywhere. My home office is equipped with up-to-date hardware installed with the latest software technology which enables me to stay ahead in the innovative technology field. I also have multiple mobile devices I use to minimize loss in work production due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control.

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