As a client of Edeline SMC, you will have ample marketing presence on social media networks. This is achieved with your personalized Social Media Strategy Plan (SMSP), paid targeted boost to expand audience area coverage, among other tools used to increase online presence. Our services include daily account maintenance, account management, auto scheduling, and training among others.

Account Maintenance

Edeline SMC monitors activity on all social media sites on behalf of clients to evaluate performance, act as customer service when individuals pose questions or comments on company pages and reports directly to client.

Account Management

Different from Account Maintenance, Edeline SMC service includes managing a client’s social media account and help keep it a priority to market on social media.

Auto Scheduling

Edeline SMC uses social media management tools to schedule posts onto all social media network sites on a schedule according to a company’s personalized Social Media Strategy Plan.


Edeline SMC provides hourly trainings on major social media networking sites. Training includes teachings on tips and tricks, to a company’s internal staff on how to utilize social media marketing for the company. 

Learn more about services and packages Edeline SMC offers by contacting us.

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