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StatsPaperwork“Leave your feelings outside.” In business, you may have heard it a few times when starting out, or maybe not. I bet you will hear it more often after you have started to become an established business owner. Many will not tell you from the get go there will be times you will need to leave your emotions at the door before heading into a meeting, a conference, or even through the door to an office space. As an employee, you were given friendly reminders to leave your problems outside unless if it pertains to work. That is not the case in the world of an entrepreneur.

How does one not take things personally when it comes to business? Especially if one has been groomed in an employee mindset and must transition into a business owner mindset? Is there some sort of manual or training involved? How do I sign up for that? Truth is that it will hurt. When you start off on your own, most people will be happy for you. But that’s just it. You will not find someone you can easily turn to when things go wrong, or things have taken a different turn from the initial path. On your own, you must train yourself to suck it up before you are in the presence of others. If there are any problems, you must handle them behind closed doors where no one can see or hear you. Of course, this is easier said than done and it will take practice.

In time, you will eventually find someone you can trust, who will be able to keep your secrets secret, and someone who will guide you because they see the best in you and believe in you. They will help guide you through those tough situations and remind you of your skills, talents, and personality traits you possess that will make you great. Until then, keep working hard, build yourself and your business up. You can do it. Listen to every piece of advice you receive and try the ones you believe will work best for you and your business. Seek out those who will stand in your corner and cheer you on no matter what happens. They are your very important secret fans whom you may not recognize at first.

Do you think you know who your secret fans are? For instance, someone I knew took me under their wing without me realizing it. Her positive reinforcements, unsolicited support and terrific advice helped me more than any guides I have read or training I have received. In addition to all of that, her spiritual guidance continues to remind me of why I am in this field. Maybe someone in your life started off as a stranger, has become a mentor and you have not realize it yet.

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**QTIP = Quit Taking It Personal**

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